Paço dos Cunhas

The pearl of wine tourism in Dão

Known as the pearl of wine tourism in Dão, Paço dos Cunhas in Santar (10 miles from Viseu) built in 1609, is a unique space, one of the most notorious wine tourism experiences in Portugal. Unique and noble, with an incredibly valuable patrimony of antique décor pieces and a centuries old architecture, it is rimmed with gardens and has one of the most emblematic vineyards of the region, Vinha do Contador.
A house filled with the flavours and scents typical of Dão, Paço dos Cunhas has an outstanding author cuisine that is part of a unique wine experience.  Here, the rewriting of Portuguese traditional cuisine has the signature of chef Henrique Sampaio Ferreira, that turns the typical dishes into nouvelle cuisine. With several different rooms, spaces and environments, theme rooms, a balcony with tables, a wine store, wine bar and a playground, this is a wine tourism location where tradition and History are everywhere.

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